Hongyou sporting goods company was founded in 2007, is a professional agent of international brand companies such as Converse Reebok New balance Clarks Quiksilver & Roxy , engaged in the whole sale and retail business of these brand products in the Hubei Province, South China area, Hainan Province and Guangxi Province Hongyou company follow the pace of national economic development, take the unique products advantage of the operating brands, continue to absorb the advanced management concepts and retail management experience, has made remarkable achievements in the area.

E-mail: lucy@hysporting.com
Address: No.6, 15 Floor, Commercial and Residential Building, Azure Port, No.66 Liuxin Street, Liuzhou.

    So far Hongyou has 36 stores and 7 associate stores, the stores mainly located in Hubei Province, Hainan Province, Guangxi Province, Western Guangdong, Zhongshan, Dongguan.
    The business areas of each operating brand are as below:
            1.Reebok: Hubei/ Hainan/ Western Guangdong.           4.Quiksilver & Roxy: Hubei.
            2.New balance: Hainan/ Western Guangdong.             5.Converse: Guangxi/ Western Guangdong.
            3.Clarks: Guangxi/ Hainan/ Western Guangdong.
    Rely on the product advantages of the operating brand, with the rapid consumption growth of economic development of China has brought, Hongyou is in a period of rapid growth.

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